AHA Perspectives on FRUS at 60 and the 2020 HAC Report

AHA Perspectives on History on The Foreign Relations Series at 160 and on The 202 State Department HAC Report 



The Foreign Relations Series at 160

Adam M. Howard and Kristin L. Ahlberg | Sep 20, 2021

The Office of the Historian (OH) at the US Department of State is charged with producing the Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) series, the official documentary history of US foreign policy and diplomatic activity. One of the largest federal history offices, OH employs professionally trained historians to work on the series. Producing FRUS is a multistage process, involving researching, selecting, and annotating documents; reviewing volume manuscripts to ensure their substantive and stylistic integrity; coordinating each volume’s complex, years long interagency declassification review process; and editing and publishing volumes in both print and digital formats. An external Advisory Committee on Historical Diplomatic Documentation (HAC), composed of nine scholars who either serve at large or represent various professional organizations (including the AHA), provides OH counsel and recommendations on the series.



The 2020 State Department HAC Report

Alexandra F. Levy | Sep 21, 2021

When your job involves reviewing classified material or managing physical documents, a great deal of creativity and flexibility is required to “pivot to digital.” The COVID-19 pandemic forced many federal government employees who work on historical projects or in archives to work from home. Although these professionals continued much of their work, some projects had to be placed on hold until a safe return to the archive—for archivists, historians, and other employees—is possible. The 2020 report of the Advisory Committee on Historical Diplomatic Documentation (HAC) documents the progress made by the Office of the Historian (OH) of the State Department under these challenging circumstances.

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