The Norman and Laura Graebner Award

The Graebner Award is a lifetime achievement award intended to recognize a senior historian of United States foreign relations who has significantly contributed to the development of the field, through scholarship, teaching, and/or service, over his or her career. The award of $2,000 is awarded biannually. The Graebner Award was established by the former students of Norman A. Graebner, professor of diplomatic history at the University of Illinois and the University of Virginia, to honor Norman and his wife Laura for their years of devotion to teaching and research in the field.

Eligibility: The Graebner prize will be awarded to a distinguished scholar of diplomatic or international affairs. The recipient's career must demonstrate excellence in scholarship, teaching, and/or service to the profession. Although the prize is not restricted to academic historians, the recipient must have distinguished himself or herself through the study of international affairs from a historical perspective.

Procedures: A letter of nomination should (a) provide a brief biography of the nominee, including educational background, academic or other positions held, and awards and honors received; (b) list the nominee's major scholarly works and discuss the nature of his or her contribution to the study of diplomatic history and international affairs; (c) describe the candidate's career, note any teaching honors and awards, and comment on the candidate's classroom skills; and (d) detail the candidate's services to the historical profession, listing specific organizations and offices and discussing particular activities. Self-nominations are accepted.

Graebner awards are generally announced at the SHAFR annual meeting. 

The next deadline for nominations is February 1, 2024.  Submit materials to Andrew Rotter at [email protected].

The Norman and Laura Graebner Award Recent winners:

  • 2022 Frank Costigliola
  • 2018 Emily Rosenberg
  • 2016 Lloyd Gardner
  • 2014 Robert Schulzinger  
  • 2012 Melvyn P. Leffler
  • 2010 Michael J. Hogan
  • 2008 Thomas G. Paterson
  • 2006 Gary R. Hess
  • 2004 Warren I. Cohen
  • 2002 George Herring
  • 2000 Robert Divine
  • 1998 Robert Ferrell
  • 1996 Walter LaFeber
  • 1994 Wayne Cole
  • 1992 Bradford Perkins
  • 1990 Richard W. Leopold
  • 1988 Alexander DeConde