SHAFR Mentorship Program: Manuscript Workshops for Contingent Faculty

SHAFR Mentorship Program: Manuscript Workshops for Contingent Faculty 

For a second year, SHAFR will support manuscript workshops for contingent faculty who are members of SHAFR.  These workshops will be familiar to those who have benefited from them, including two members sponsored by SHAFR last year: established scholars read the work of another, usually a junior scholar, then meet with the author to discuss the work, with an eye toward preparing a manuscript for publication.  All future workshops will be held virtually, by Zoom, providing an opportunity for all contingent faculty to participate without having to attend the annual meeting.

While the term “contingent faculty” has a broad definition, Mentorship Program directors take it to mean principally those with heavy teaching loads but without permanent positions—that is, adjunct, temporary (non-tenure track), or part-time faculty who may lack the institutional support and the time to return to scholarly projects that they hope to publish.  Mentors for SHAFR’s program are all established scholars in the foreign relations field who volunteer to read and comment on manuscript chapters; in 2023 they include David Anderson, Anne Foster, Petra Goedde, Richard Immerman, Barbara Keys, Warren Kimball, Robert McMahon, and Andrew Rotter. 

The program directors invite applications from all candidates eligible for mentoring workshops.  The directors will approve online meetings on a rolling basis, and will assign successful applicants two mentors, who will read the introduction and one other chapter chosen by authors from their manuscripts. 

To request a virtual manuscript workshop, please send (1) a curriculum vitae; (2) a one-page intellectual biography; and (3) a summary of the manuscript or scholarly project (no more than four, double-spaced pages) to Andrew Rotter ([email protected]), co-director (with Richard Immerman) of the Workshops.  Meetings will be scheduled at times mutually convenient for authors and mentors.

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