[NCHMembership] Updated advocacy tool for government archives

Hello NCH colleagues,

I wanted to share with all of you a recent update to CoSA's popular "Importance of State Archives" advocacy booklet. Our advocacy committee condensed this tool into a tri-fold brochure to encourage greater use and distribution for advocacy efforts:

Government Archives Are Essential

The new format should allow more frequent updates and greater flexibility for use. Over the next 12-months, we'll also be working to update our various advocacy pages to model the priorities of the brochure and provide flexible templates for in-house customization and reuse.

We'd love to hear feedback or how you might use this where you are. The CoSA community is especially interested in seeking ways that we can encourage "On the Hill" advocacy efforts for archives at the state and territorial level. If you or your organization engage in state/territorial level advocacy on mission-aligned matters and may be interested in adding archives - particularly government archives - to your policy priorities, let me know.

We've also built pages for America 250, mostly pointing back to the comprehensive work from AASLH, and will start updating our Archives Month page soon in anticipation of the 2024 celebration in October. 

Most sincerely,


Joy M. Banks

Executive Director
Council of State Archivists
Documenting Government  Promoting History  Securing Rights
[email protected]


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