Passport April 2023

In This Issue:

4 Contributors

6 A Roundtable on Michael Franczak, Global Inequality and American Foreign Policy in the 1970s (Jason Colby, Dustin Walcher, Vanessa Walker, David Farber, Steven J.B. Jensen, and Michael Franczak)

18 A Roundtable on Jayita Sarkar, Ploughshares and Swords: India’s Nuclear Program in the Global Cold War (Andrew J. Rotter, William Thomas Allison, Nicholas Evan Sarantakes, Tanvi Madan, and Jeffrey Crean)

27 Seven Questions on... Environmental Diplomacy (Kurk Dorsey, Gretchen Heefner, Toshihiro Higuchi, and Stephen Macekura)

35 SHAFR Spotlights

40 SHAFR Awards from the AHA

44 Minutes of January 2023 Council Meeting

47 Diplomatic Pouch

51 Dispatches

53 In Memoriam: George Herring

57 In Memoriam: John Prados

60 In Memoriam: Robert Schulzinger

63 The Last Word: It’s Been Twenty Years—Time for Historians to Turn to Iraq (Majorie Galelli)

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