Passport January 2023

In This Issue:

4 Contributors

5 Thoughts from the SHAFR President Mary Ann Heiss

6 A Roundtable on Steven Brady, Chained to History: Slavery and U.S. Foreign Relations to 1865 (Matthew Mason, Brian Rouleau, Joseph A. Fry, Michael E. Woods, Stacey Smith, and Steven Brady)

7 A Roundtable on Maria Quintana, Contracting Freedom: Race, Empire, and U.S. Guestworkers Programs (Deborah Cohen, Evan Ward, Aileen Teague, Jessica Kim, and Maria L. Quintana)

26 Seven Questions on... NATO History (Susan Colbourn, Jeffrey H. Michaels, Timothy Andrews Sayle, and Joshua R. Shifrinson)

34 Review of Roger Peace and Jeremy Kuzmarov, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the War on Terror (Joseph Stieb)

38 Reflections on the SHAFR Committee on Women Second Book Workshop Nicole Anslover

40 SHAFR Spotlights

46 Minutes of September 2022 Council Meeting

48 Diplomatic Pouch

51 Dispatches

53 The Last Word: COVID and Diplomatic History—Taking a Long(er) View (Anne L. Foster, Petra Goedde, Brian McNamara, Graydon Dennison, and Haley Williams)

Passport January 2023 - complete issue