Passport September 2022

In This Issue:

4 Contributors

6 2022 SHAFR Election Information

11 A Roundtable on Tizoc Chavez, The Diplomatic Presidency: American Foreign Relations from FDR to George H.W. Bush (Kelly M. McFarland, Jeffrey A. Engel, Silke Zoller, Seth Offenbach, M. Elizabeth Sanders, and Tizoc Chavez)

21 A Roundtable on Heather Dichter, Bidding for the 1968 Olympic Games: International Sport’s Cold War Battle with NATO (Jenifer Parks, Anne M. Blaschke, Kevin B. Witherspoon, John Soares, Richard Kimball, and Heather L. Dichter)

32 A Roundtable on Mark Lawrence, The End of Ambition: The United States and the Third World in the Vietnam Era (Jason Parker, Gregg A. Brezinsky, Matthew F. Jacobs, Meredith Oyen, and Mark Atwood Lawrence)

40 Seven Questions on... the Vietnam War (Gregory A. Daddis, Pierre Asselin, Kathryn Statler, Addison Jensen, and David Prentice)

48 Review of Walter Hixson, Architects of Repression: How Israel and Its Lobby Put Racism, Violence, and Injustice at the Center of U.S. Middle East Policy (KC Johnson)

50 2022 SHAFR Summer Institute Report

53 A Call to Action: How SHAFR Can Help History Ph.D.s Find Jobs (Michael H. Cresswell and Nicholas Evan Sarantakes)

58 2022 SHAFR Awards

63 SHAFR Spotlights

68 Minutes of March 2022 Council Meeting

70 Minutes of June 2022 Council Meeting

73 Diplomatic Pouch

77 The Last Word: Zelensky Wags the Dog, But Softly (Zachary Jonathan Jacobson)

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