2/21- "America and the World: The State of the Field" (SHAFR-AHA session)

We’ve just heard from the AHA that our jointly sponsored session with SHAFR, America and the World: The State of the Field, has been scheduled for Monday, February 21 from 5-6:30 pm EST as part of the AHA22 Online conference.

This will be a roundtable session and we hope we can be interactive with the audience, though I suppose that will depend some on the platform AHA uses.  At any rate conversation and interaction rather than stand and deliver is our aim.

Participants are:

David Engerman, Yale University
Kristin Hoganson, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Andrew Preston, Cambridge University
Carla Pestana, UCLA
Mark Philip Bradley, University of Chicago

Here are the AHA instructions for viewing and registration:  

The online program with the scheduled date and time of all sessions will be posted on the AHA22 Online web page soon.  The links for individual sessions will appear there for those registered for the conference.  If you were registered for the New Orleans meeting that registration includes complimentary registration for all the online sessions. If you will only be attending AHA22 Online, registration prices are posted here.

Mark Philip Bradley

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